Friday, April 9, 2010

White Terns

I think that one of everyone's favorite birds here is the White Tern. Besides it's obvious appeal - the white plumage, big eyes and blue-black bill - it has a curious streak that often leads to up close and personal investigations of your face.

You will be minding your own business, walking on the trail, when a group of one to three birds are suddenly fluttering around your head and squaking at you. To my knowledge, this doesn't happen because I've invaded their nesting territory, but because they are simply checking out the strange bipedal creature that has landed on their tropical planet. I have to admit to feeling quite special on the occasions where I've had a flock of ten White Terns following me on the beach.

We had a tern lay an egg on the wall in our backyard. Unfortunately, it was abandoned shortly thereafter.

To everyone's delight though, one of our neighbors had one hatch in his tree just a few days ago.


  1. Very cute chick! The egg that was abandoned looks like granite, sort of. Nice of the terns to build such nice nests!