Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things on the Beach (Part 1)

Fresh sea urchin

Old sea urchin (sans spines) and piece of coral

Portuguese Man of War

Lobster parts

Albatross egg. I threw in my watch for scale.

Dried butterfly fish

Dried triggerfish

Pretty shells

Giant porcupine fish

Small shells and spines

Giant sea biscuit

Tiny sea biscuit

Dedicated to the beach combers out there. *cough* Mom *cough*


  1. Finally!! Some really cool beach things to look at. I am so jealous. How come there are so many dried fish intact? I would think something would have eaten it up. Thank you for the pictures.


  2. You would go crazy here with all the beach scrounging you could do. And yes, also with the metal detecting, you nerd.

    I dunno about the fish. I've seen several. Maybe they are jerked by the saltwater?

  3. Oh, the metal detecting! Now I'm really jealous. Think of all the cool stuff I could take home and rid the island of more crap. You are killing me!