Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chicks, man.

It's a good time to be on Midway. Tons of activity going on and more and more chicks are hatching. You could almost die from all the cuteness. Here is a sampling.

Black Noddy

Bonin Petrel

Red-tailed Tropicbird

White Tern

Black-footed Albatross

The albatross chicks seemed to have hit a fatness plateau and are instead putting energy into their big bird feathers:

The constant preening gives many of them downy moustaches:

The parents are working hard too. Today I came across two chicks enjoying hearty breakfasts:

Sometimes their meals are too big for their stomachs and so they have to wait for part of it to digest before they can swallow the remainder.

Food coma!


  1. Oh my god they are so cute!!!! I want one! Can you steal a White Tern for me? I love the one where he's peeking over the branch. Aaaahhhhh dying of cuteness overload here how are you surviving there?

  2. I know! I can hardly stand it!
    I think I can sneak one out in my pocket, what do you think?

  3. I want to pinch their cheeks!!! j

  4. Guess what? I don't get to pinch their cheeks but at work we have an actual chick poking stick. A poking stick! So we get to go around poking chick bellies. (The purpose of which is to read bands, but you know, that's not as important as the actual thrill of poking).